Managing Partner / President

Continio Software Solutions was the technology consultancy I founded upon first relocating to California. We specialized in helping start-up organizations bring their vision to light. At its largest, Continio had 2 employees, 3 independent contractors, managing clients ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises.


  • Founded October 2015
  • Managed diverse team of employees / contractors

Client: Core Insight Systems

  • Created domain driven & event sourcing based IoT platform for optimizing manufacturing and supply chain

Client: Assemi Group

  • Sourced VP of IT for multi-billion dollar farming, housing, and import/export conglomorate

Client: AMSVans

  • Optimized inventory management API resulted in 100x faster product catalog searches

Client: Pacific Dental Services

Application Architecture

  • Redesigned application logging infrastructure, eliminating business transaction deadlocks resulting from log contention
  • Developed & introduced automated health introspection endpoints
  • Refactored windows services to more easily be locally testable & deployable
  • Developed proof of concept allowing for real-time generation of reports via event projections, leveraging SQL Server Change Data Capture


  • Instrumented legacy mainframe-based application, creating InfluxDB & Graphana based system health dashboard
  • Integrated automated discovery of application health introspection, and automated management of > application load balancing based on node health


  • Developed application packaging & deployment system supporting web, daemon, and batch processes
  • Developed automated server provisioning system for VMWare, including automated “golden image” > creation, domain joining, and deprovisioning
  • Created source-control & database integration testing automation for 80+ SQL databases
  • Automated the sanitization & cut-down process of SQL databases, ensuring developers could locally host & have access to the current version of database schema / test data
  • Deployed all infrastructure via CI/CD and with automated testing