The web is a dynamic place, no doubt - but like many applications, a typical website (like this one!) is read many orders of magnitude more frequently than it is updated. Even something seemingly rife with churn like a comments section is still dominated by reads. History has taught me this lesson several times over. First, I tried building web content management system that used the .Net CLR embedded in SQL Server to render HTML as pages were loaded.

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Update 05/05/2020 – Considerations for dealing with situations where avoiding asymetric routing is a requirement Life is full of competing priorities, and technology is certainly no exception. For some time we have known that the safest system is one that allows the minimal number of people or other systems access. For computer networks, this leads to a fairly obvious ideal configuration where each interface only allows pre-approved connections both inbound and outbound.

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Matt Mousseau

I suppose you could say creativity, engineering, and passion for learning are simply in my blood.

My grandfather built computers that monitored flow through oil and gas pipelines all over the globe, and early in life our back-and-forth Q&A lead to my interest in electronics.

A constant thirst to understand drove me to dig into programming and continues to push me further today.

More than just love, I believe in technology.

Practice Area Lead,
Slalom Consulting

Orange County,